Company Profile

Lucid Colloids Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer of Guar Gum and its derivatives since 1958. It is also the first Indian Company to manufacture in India a wide variety of products under the Rheoluc ® CM range for Construction Materials and customized grades of products under the Rheoluc PT range for water based paints and coatings.
Lucid Colloids also manufactures a wide range of Guar Gums and other hydrocolloids and their derivatives for applications in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Oil & Gas, Mining, Explosives, Paper, Textiles and other miscellaneous applications... View More

Rheoluc CM

For Construction Materials Galactomannan based Thickeners,

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Rheoluc PT

Rheoluc ® PT products are derivatives of Guar Gum,

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