Rheoluc PT

Especially developed for applications in water based Paints, Rheoluc® PT products are derivatives of Guar Gum, a natural polysaccharide Galactomannan.   


Guar Gum is extracted from the endosperm of Guar seeds. The endosperm is then treated and modified in a number of ways to obtain the Derivatives of Guar Gum.   Rheoluc® PT  products are manufactured by etherification of Guar Gum with Propylene Oxide and then modified in several ways to impart specific properties to suit a number of different applications.     



Being soluble in cold water, Rheoluc® PT products exhibit a Pseudo Plastic viscosity profile, and are very useful in water based paints as they offer the following advantages:  


  • Good thickening efficiency in emulsion paints, distempers, skim coats and wall putty.
  • Economical replacement of cellulosic thickeners.
  • Enable desired viscosity profile by combining with associative thickeners.
  • Enhanced low-shear viscosity for sag resistance.
  • Enhanced water retention and longer open time.
  • Ease of incorporation in water during processing.
  • Compatible with a broad range of paint ingredients and electrolytes.
  • Stable at wide range of pH normally obtained in emulsion paints.
  • Excellent microbial resistance for viscosity stability during production and in-can storage.


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